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Apart but connected

Updated: Jan 27

It's Monday, and I'm ready to start another week of working from home. Lately,

I have been thinking about how this time has allowed us the opportunity to connect even more. This may mean something different for each of you.

I have been anchoring the news from my living room for the last month. I hope my cat, Kaira, every night during the show doesn't appear out of the blue or knock over a light. These are just a few of the additional factors I have to think about while working from home.

I'm sure you have been adapting to your routine as we continue to practice social distancing. As separated as we may all be, this is the most connected I have ever felt to all of you. I say this not only as a journalist but as a human being. We are witnessing history and all going through the same experience. As a result, I believe this time has allowed us to work on building even stronger connections with the people we love, our neighbors, and ourselves.

I have been able to reconnect with many close college friends and even with my family in Southern California. I have taken the time to Facetime and catch up with people more than ever. The last time I saw my mom and my sister was back in December when I visited them for the Christmas holiday. At the time, it didn't even cross my mind that those would be my last moments with them for a while.

This time has been a powerful reminder that life can change instantly. Never take moments with your loved ones for granted. Always tell them how you feel. It's more vital now than ever to be present and live in the now because we don't know when we will get the time back. These are challenging times, but as I mentioned, I have never felt so close to all of you. I have appreciated reading your messages, comments, and updates about your own experiences. I know it has not been easy on so many levels, but the power of staying connected is what will help us get through this.

Check in with your loved ones as much as possible, and take time for yourself. Your self-care and mental health are essential. I hope you continue to find your balance during this uncertain time, and let's continue to empower and support each other. Feel free to comment below and let me know how you are doing. I am sending love and light to all of you.


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