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Self-love and self-worth are the foundation

Updated: Aug 6

It all starts with self-love. It all begins with self-awareness. You may already have your perception of what the words mean to you. I am not here to tell you how to discover self-love and self-awareness because that is your journey. The purpose of this entry is to inspire and encourage the process.

Over time, I discovered that self-love meant much more than weekly self-care and yoga classes. Yes, those are forms of self-love, but I also needed to dig deeper into my soul and reconnect to my most authentic self to seek inner healing. Self-awareness has taught me to constantly check myself to understand what triggers me to react or feel a certain way. This certainly isn't something that transforms overnight. I have spent the last ten years working towards understanding myself better, and every new day is another opportunity to keep learning and stepping into my power.

I have learned that the more self-aware you are, the more inner peace you can gain. You cannot control 100% of the things that happen in life, but you can control how you react to the things you cannot control. Self-awareness allows you to take that step back. Simply - pause. Reflect and re-assess.

When you come from an empowered state of mind, you can more clearly navigate situations - especially regarding relationships. You have more ability to monitor your emotions and thoughts. When you love and accept all aspects of yourself, you are more self-aware of your feelings and behaviors. And that connects right back to self-love.

I empower you to keep seeking self-awareness and all the benefits that come with it. Most importantly, be patient with yourself as you navigate through your journey of self-love.


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