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Self-love, self-worth expanded

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Today is my 28th birthday, and I feel even more compelled to share this post on this day. As I think back on the last year, I recall the many lessons that have guided me to this exact moment. Twenty-seven was a year of self-growth, and it was the year where I truly stepped into my power and embraced self-love and self-worth in all aspects. It has taken me years to fully understand the meaning behind self-love. However, it only took me one pivotal moment to realize I needed to take action and embrace it. This happened exactly two and a half years ago.

I was feeling extremely low, hurt and unworthy. At the time, I was dealing with the aftermath of a break-up. It was during that time period I felt the fire in me to change something about my life and break the cycle that kept owning me for so many years. I had to dig deeper into my soul and let go of the negativity I was drowning myself in. I was tired of being the victim of my own life. I had to face my truth. The real issue was that I didn't love myself enough and I kept seeking what I was missing in my heart from others; specifically in relationships. I call that co-dependency and I had to break it by loving myself to the fullest.

I believe self-love is about letting go of external and internal energies that make you feel low. Self-love is about facing your truth and reminding yourself that you deserve better and will not settle for less than you deserve. Self-love is taking that necessary time for yourself, and you should never have to apologize for it. No one should guilt trip you for this. Your own mental clarity is a priority. None of this is easy, it takes sacrificing. It takes a lot of inner work. It takes freeing your energy and being open to change.

In the midst of discovering my self-love is when I embraced self-worth. I believe self-worth is empowering yourself to remember that other people's thoughts and opinions of you don't own you. If someone can't accept your truth, it has nothing to do with you. It has taken me many battles to fight my insecurities as a woman and embrace confidence. However, once I truly stepped into my power, I felt the fire in me. We all have a fire in us that is waiting to be ignited. The truth is, only we can make that happen.

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