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The best version of you is always evolving

Updated: May 4

While achieving our dreams, we should try not to wait for the next "big thing" to define the best version of ourselves. It's important to remember that the best version of you is never final but instead constantly evolving. If we Imagine our experiences as drops of water - we see that each drop has contributed to our ocean. Without all those drops - our ocean would not exist.

I believe there is no end to growth. Accepting failure as a part of growth is critical.

I have found it is freeing knowing that the best version of myself can be right now - at this moment. I don't have to wait for anything external to define that. It isn't about changing are - but instead embracing all aspects of ourselves and working towards our healing.

In this new year, instead of setting resolutions, I committed to being more present in all that I do. If we can be more present, we can have more experiences with ourselves and others. Often our bodies are present, but our minds are elsewhere - worried about the past and future. A simple acknowledgment of our breath can help us reconnect to the acknowledgment

The best version of ourselves is here and now because the present moment is all that exists. Each new day is a blessing. Each day is a drop of water that fills our personal ocean.


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