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Recommitting to what brings you joy and peace

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Hello, and welcome back to my blog. It feels good to be back in this space. For those of you who live in San Antonio, I hope you are enjoying this nice break from the brutal temperatures we experienced this summer in Texas! It will officially be the first day of Fall in just a few days.

For the last year, I have been redefining what recommitting to myself means. It's a process I have had to start over and over again. I have been resetting goals and expectations and re-parenting myself on what self-care looks like.

Setting time aside daily for myself in the morning, no matter how small, is crucial in my routine. I have been trying to avoid checking social media and emails right when I get up and instead take a few extra moments to start my day - calmly - either with yoga or meditation. Not every day begins like this, but I remind myself that how I show up for myself is the foundation for the rest of my day. Setting that intention is key.

Recommitting to myself has been an evolving journey. One of the top things on my list has been my fitness and taking the necessary time to recharge. I have challenged myself to start with small steps—every day. If I know I only have 20 to 30 minutes to get a workout in one morning, I will set time aside for that small window rather than not do anything and move on to the next task.

Working out is part of my mental health. It's my therapy for anxiety. It helps me release stress and jump-start my day positively. It feels good knowing I'm doing something for myself that will impact my wellness in the long term. My fitness journey has indeed been something I have had to recommit to. I was on top of it in 2021 and got off track. I recommitted to my goals in the middle of last year and pushed myself to stay consistent. I haven't stopped since.

The same goes for rest. It is necessary to take time to recharge whenever needed and embrace self-love. That may mean not making any plans one weekend or not overextending yourself when you don't have the energetic capacity. It's OK to say no and not apologize for it.

This post is a gentle reminder to recommit to the spaces that allow you to reconnect with yourself. That may look like exploring a new city, reading that book you've been setting aside, or unplugging from social media and shutting off the outside noise. It could be as simple as going for a walk - or checking in with a good friend who empowers and uplifts you. Friendship truly is medicine.

I encourage you to write down a list - no matter how small - of some of the things that bring you joy that you want to recommit to. See what you find out. The relationship with yourself is the most important; never deny any part of it. Most importantly, always honor your values and your feelings. Ensure you show up for yourself just as much as for the people you love.

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